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The role of seismic support


Latest company news about The role of seismic support

An earthquake resistant bracket is a bracket with earthquake resistance function, which is installed as an earthquake resistant measure on mechanical and electrical pipeline equipment. Installing seismic supports can avoid and reduce damage to mechanical and electrical equipment in buildings caused by earthquakes. Reduce the damage caused by earthquakes, protect equipment, and reduce unnecessary threats to property and life safety.


Seismic supports are widely used in the construction industry. Residential buildings, large squares, large supermarkets, and other areas require the installation of corresponding seismic supports based on the local earthquake crack resistance. Once an earthquake or other highly shaking disasters occur in the local area, it can effectively prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters. The specific explanations are as follows:


Hazards of earthquakes:

1. During the earthquake, the HVAC system failed and smoke exhaust ducts, accident ventilation ducts, and related equipment were damaged.

2. During the earthquake, the electrical system failed and the electrical piping, cable ladder, slot box and Bus duct were damaged.


3. During the earthquake, the water supply and drainage system and fire protection system failed, such as damage to indoor water supply, hot water, and fire protection pipelines.


The function of seismic support:

Reduce the occurrence of secondary disasters caused by earthquakes, effectively protect the electromechanical system during earthquakes, and ensure rapid recovery of working conditions after earthquakes; Seismic supports are various components or devices that limit the displacement of ancillary electromechanical engineering facilities, control facility vibration, and transmit loads to the load-bearing structure.
After seismic reinforcement, mechanical and electrical engineering facilities such as water supply and drainage, fire protection, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, gas, heat, electricity, and communication in buildings can reduce earthquake damage, reduce and prevent secondary disasters as much as possible when encountering earthquakes with local seismic fortification intensity, thereby achieving the goal of reducing casualties and property losses.


In case of an earthquake, the role of the seismic support can be fully reflected, which can minimize the economic losses and prevent casualties caused by the earthquake. The role of the seismic support should not be underestimated. In general, the anti-seismic support mainly protects waterways and power lines, and prevents the safety of other building facilities in the house on the premise that the house does not collapse, so as to protect other hazards caused by the earthquake, to ensure personal safety and reduce economic losses to a greater extent.

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