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Detailed explanation of solar bracket structure and materials used


Latest company news about Detailed explanation of solar bracket structure and materials used

The design structure of the solar bracket allows the components to adjust their angles according to different places, making full use of solar energy resources. In order for the bracket to have good physical properties such as earthquake resistance, wind resistance, and corrosion resistance, a detailed analysis has been conducted on the material selection, connection method, and load-bearing capacity of the photovoltaic module. Let "Boyue Technology" take you to understand together.
The bracket of a solar water heater is a supporting element of solar energy and an indispensable component of the solar water heater. Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers producing solar brackets, and brackets are gradually becoming independent of the solar water heater industry. The bracket design of the solar water heater used at home should be reasonable, and the strength and stiffness should ensure sufficient load-bearing capacity. In places with high wind speeds, when choosing a household solar water heater, it is also important to consider whether the product has the ability to withstand wind in design.
In the field of bracket production technology, high wear-resistant materials are used to resist wind, corrosion, and bearing capacity. The maximum wind resistance of solar brackets is 216 kilometers per hour.
Types of solar support structures
(1) Roof tilt bracket: The main components that tilt at a certain angle to the roof include guide rails, clamps, and tilt mechanisms
(2) Sloping roof support: The main components parallel to the slope of the roof include guide rails, clamps, and hooks
(3) Ground support: Install the support on the ground through direct burial or other methods
(4) Roof ballast support: the support is fixed by pressing blocks, and generally installed on the Flat roof
(5) Piling type ground support: installed on the ground of the column through the Pile driver
(6) Column bracket: A single column supports the entire solar panel
(7) Tracking bracket: The bracket can rotate with the rotation of the sun
Materials used for support structure
The solar photovoltaic brackets commonly used in China are divided into concrete brackets, steel brackets, and aluminum alloy brackets in terms of materials.
1. Concrete supports have a high self gravity and are commonly used in large photovoltaic power plants. They have high stability and can support large-sized battery panels.
2. Steel brackets have stable performance, large bearing capacity, simple installation, and are widely used in household and industrial power plants. The combined steel support system is easy to install on site and has a fast speed. It only needs to use specially designed connectors to assemble the channel steel, but there are various and complex types of connectors.
3. Aluminum alloy brackets are used for solar energy on the roof of household buildings, which have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, light weight, aesthetics, and durability, but have low bearing capacity.
4. Most of the materials used in large photovoltaic power generation enterprises are galvanized metal materials. Firstly, it is due to its low cost, and secondly, it has a large load-bearing capacity and can automatically adjust the angle with the rotation of the sun, resulting in a high utilization rate.

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